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Here is where we share some of the best info from some of the best !

WE just added the page so please be patient while we build it with tons of great info !

I believe in supporting small businesses so you know I am loving it doing this new page !

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With SOooooo Many individuals starting OR joining  a business  in today's crazy world I think we all need as much knowledge as possible to help us be a success at what we are trying to do.

  Many quit before they give the business time to succeed. Remember "Give yourself time to grow and succeed"

  Well in this area of our wonderful site...we will try to help in the area of small business ! 

   So grab your coffee,soda,juice or tea...grab a comfy seat...and grab some great info in our Small Business Talk area ! By the way we are happy you are here !

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~Small Business Talk~

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Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To You

Use your blog--website--facebook etc...with a picture and pin it to PINTEREST and put in the web address in the comments for that picture on pinterest that you want people to visit.Make it interesting to draw them there


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  If you are not on the social networks you are missing out on some great opportunities for your business ! 

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Share your Facebook biz page on Twitter...put a picture with it.

If you have a Blog or a website make sure you share things from your site on Twitter.

CLICK HERE for Twitters hashtag help section


When posting on Instagram for your business make sure you don't go overboard and spam with business pictures try to balance out some fun & informative images and your business pictures.You will push away your followers if you do nothing but post business pics...

 Try to inspire your followers with your postings ....You will get more likes that way.Don't OVER post

If you use Instagram videos add them to your website or blog

Use popular hashtags to draw viewers and followers

Follow others don't just try to get others to follow you...follow others and participate,like and comment on their post/photo....follow your followers on their other social might find one you missed :) ...Always follow your followers back.with their photo postings.

Connect with your other social networking accounts and use your hashtags....Complete your profile with all your business info that customers might need.

Turn your followers into an audience...just because they are following you on any social network does not mean they are a captive audience.Be active on your social media but don't smoother your viewers...Facebook seems to have the most active viewers....

Google +

Get yourself on google plus !

Each social network has it's benefits..

Google hangouts can help with your business connections and having live meetings...You can make your google pages...share your info...find followers...HUGE search engine !

So get your profile going on google and start growing your network.


Start making and sharing your videos on YouTube with your own YouTube channel ! Tell everyone about your business and what benefits your products will bring...Videos have become a huge hit and youtube is the place to be when it comes to videos on the internet.

It is said they reach more people than any cable network...

After you join YouTube~Make your channel~Add your videos~Share them with the world.


Get Connected

Get connected in as many ways as you can and get your business name out there ! 

Don;t drive people crazy with it...just know when to share with care...when you get pushy and do nothing but talk about it people tend to shy away.


hashtag is a pound sign that looks like a tic-tac-toe board and makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme or content....It draws attention to what you want it to....You place a # in front of a word or unspaced phrase so it can be found in searches... if promoted enough it can attract more individual users to whatever you have attached it to.. And can be considered as "trending" or "trending topics" when huge numbers of people 

are searching that hashtag word/words..

Hashtags can draw people-customers to you and your business.

Hashtags are also used  express humor, excitement, sadness or other emotions or feelings....DON'T overuse or become spammy with your hashtags...1 or 2  hashtags are all you need in your posts...

Tweets with hashtags received 2 times more engagements than those without them...

A hashtag is simply a way for people to search for things on the internet,in groups,in social networks etc.. that have a common topic.You can double your engagement with hashtags !

Hashtags help you get found by your target audience ! What a huge help ! Say you are selling #antiaging #skincare people searching for products to help with #saggyskin will probably pull up your hashtag in their search ! How cool is that ?

 Let's say someone remembers your business name and wants to look you up by using the #debbie'spantry it makes it easier for others to find me on places I have used the hashtag :) 

Hashtags on Google Plus can help your posts to go outside your circle of google friends and the great thing is even if you forget or don't bother to hashtag your post  google will ! Isn't that great !

These hashtags can help you gain followers very quickly and if you share some good things and inspire others you should see great results...remember it is about the a customer knows you care about them they will remain your customer.

Also try to use popular hashtags that people are searching for...just look up what hashtags are most popular at the time...See what fits what you are trying to share...

Make your hashtags a regular part of your posting on your social networks and make sure they are relevant to the things you are posting !

Choose your hashtags wisely...

Post consistently on your networks just DON"T become spammy....

Sprout Social has a great article on hashtags ! Click Here For Sprout Social

There Are Others

There other networks to get involved with that we will touch on later... 

I am in no way specialist in these areas but I am sharing the knowledge I have about the things that are useful and hope to help others/you do better in what you are doing !

I always say...Learn-Learn-Learn !