Nature has some pretty awesome botanicals like lavender-orange-rose-lemon and many others with many uses ! They are great for room sprays-body sprays-linen spray etc...

Our first spray is Lavender Distillate !

DMinerals Skin Care Products Are For External Use ONLY


Our Beautifully Fragrant Orange Blossom Neroli Spray Mist is a very special one and you will be able to tell the wonderful difference from others ! It is extracted by a natural steam-distillation process 
from the wonderfully fragrant white flower blossoms of bitter orange trees. It has a wonderfully light sweet , 
floral smell with a touch of citrus to it ...a seductive floral note -sweet-rich and warm ! 
Neroli is very high priced and we do our best to offer it at the best price possible.
Many say they use it for anxiety and depression...also to lift their mood ! 
Some moms have said they spray the orange blossom neroli mist on a damp cloth and wipe their child's face to calm them when throwing fits and having anxiety.
Great for oily and sensitive skin...soothing irritations and skin redness...Can be used as a skin toner...
It is a great gender neutral scent so it can be enjoyed by men and women !
The orange flowers are said to signify love-courage & joy.
Try using some in the air and bath to drift off to sleep.
Anti-bacterial properties
Nobility is said to have scented their linens with it !
Please keep our lovely Orange Blossom Neroli Spray Mist In a dark cool place away from heat and sun can keep it in the fridge if you like !

Orange Blossom Distillate
INCI:  Citrus Aurantium Amara [Orange Blossom] Distillate