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Nature's Gifts Are All Around Us !

Nature's gifts are all around us and just there for the taking !

So in this section of Debbie's Pantry we will share some remedies old & new ...and some of nature's gifts and their benefits ! We will take a look back through time and see the many remedies and so called wives tales...and see just what they hold ! There are other pages within this section that you will see in the dropdown box !

I believe in the power of nature and what she has to offer to life and I also use her wonderful gifts for a healthier me ! 

***Always contact your doctor when you need to...we are not doctors, we are not health professionals or nutritionists...etc... It is up to you to make the best judgement and choices when needed...So please also do your research and keep yourself informed and educated the best you can..don't just take someone's word...check things out yourself ! We try to provide you with the best info possible BUT still check things out for yourself :)

Our bodies are nature...Our body needs nature to be healthy...Our bodies need nature to exist....So that means we also need to help keep nature healthy.

There are many natural remedies from Mother Nature's gifts that many don't even realize !

And that is also the reason you want healthy food that is not contaminated with all those crazy chemicals and toxins.... 

You know that saying "Let thy Food Be Thy Medicine And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food" How right this quote is from Hippocrates the father of medicine ! 

If you take the time and learn about the food we get from nature you will be amazed at what the plants hold in them and the benefits for the body...

In order to stay healthy we need to know what our food supplies and what the body needs.

And it's not just what we eat but also what we put on our body ! 

Natures little (big) remedies can help us through some tough times like aches and pains, colds and flu, dry skin, acne, colic, inflammation, toothache etc... 

AND water ! 

Without water we can not exist ! So let's fight to keep our water in a healthy state !

I heard a saying one time..."You're not sick are thirsty" ! 

Did you ever notice sometimes how much better you feel once you get that water into your body !

C'mon and join me and get back into nature the way it was meant to be ! 

Debbie At Debbie's Pantry