Grease Disposal Tip

How many of you end up with a pan of grease after cooking bacon & wonder what else you can do with it besides pour it down the drain or in the garbage can?

Well first of all I believe many of you have already learned your lesson when it comes to pouring bacon grease down the sink drain....Most of you probably ended up paying a plumber to unclog the drain.....right?

Well those dried oats are good for more than oatmeal cookies and hot oatmeal cereal in the morning!!!

Buy a container of dried instant oats and keep them n hand for that bacon grease!

While the bacon fat is still somewhat liquid add dried oats to it and mix together....let the oats absorb the grease and let cool and thicken up and use to feed those birds and other small creatures that scamper around your yard......Now you can watch them enjoy your gift! (You could always just toss the mixture in the trash......

Have a great day........ With love from The Pantry