Black Pepper & It's Benefits

Black Pepper
You probably never really thought about or realized just what those little sprinkles of pepper have to offer you and your body and mind....It has been used in folk medicine for sometime...

Did you know that black pepper is high in High in antioxidants, black pepper is rich in piperine an antioxidant that has been shown in studies to have strong antioxidant properties....& that small amounts of black pepper helps make other plants- herbs more available/may increase the absorption of essential nutrients to the body.(6)(8)

Black pepper also stimulates our digestive system and is also said to help get rid of that uncomfortable gas !!!

Black Pepper is known to have antibacterial benefits aganist bacterial growth especially in the intestinal tract !!!

Cold and flu, sinus issues...have a bowl of soup with lots of pepper...nasal congestion, phlegm, mucous etc...!...Helps fight infection...

"Recently many studies showed anticancer activities of piperine, a pungent alkaloid found in black pepper and some other Piper species." (7)

The piperine in black pepper stimulates the skin to produce melanocytes (the cells that produce pigmemtation) pigment. (vitiligo)(topical treatment)

Studies have shown black pepper to be helpful with arthritis resulting in less joint swelling. (1)

Studies have shown black pepper to help with memory,degenerative brain conditions, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's. (2) (3)

Some studies have shown that black pepper may help lower blood cholesterol levels.(4)(5)

Pain relief...some studies have shown that black pepper may be helpful in pain relief. (8)(9)

Black peppercorns are sun-dried with the outer layer intact....the white pepper has their outer layer removed before and after drying so you just have the inner seed left. And guess what??? White pepper is hotter than black pepper!!!
Black pepper is considered a HOT herb.

Look up black pepper yourself and find out even more on how you can benefit from black pepper...check out the study and research links below.