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  • Grease Disposal Tip

    Grease Disposal Tip

    How many of you end up with a pan of grease after cooking bacon & wonder what else you can do with it besides pour it down the drain or in the garbage can? Well first of all I believe many of you have already learned your lesson when it
  • Poison Oak & Poison Ivy Natural Remedies

    Poison Oak & Poison Ivy Natural Remedies

    Poison Oak & Poison Ivy Natural Remedies Some very irritating plants that's for sure!

    Poison oak and Poison ivy rashes are caused by that nasty and potent urushiol oil. It is so potent that it only takes a minute amount to irritate sensitive skin. And wait until you hear this!!!! It is said that the urushiol oil stays active on unwashed clothes and dead plants for up to five years!!! 5 YEARS!!! OMG !!!

    If you do come in contact with either poison ivy or poison oak or you only think you have come into contact with either one pleeeese, please go immediately & wash your skin and clothes in cold, soapy water.

    If you have a rash from either plant stay out of the sun and away from spicy foods...hot will irritate the rash.
    You will want to eat, drink, use what will calm...chamomile tea, lavender, jewelweed, a mix of mixing green clay, salt and white vinegar, then adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil brings the AHhhhhhs of comfort (the clays help draw out irritating oils and soothe your itch), slippery elm...Oatmeal is great for any itchy skin problem!!! An oatmeal paste or bath or oatmeal water and even drinking oatmeal milk

    Poison Oak

  • Black Pepper & It's Benefits

    Black Pepper & It's Benefits

    Black Pepper You probably never really thought about or realized just what those little sprinkles of pepperr have to offer you and your body and mind....It has been used in folk medicine for sometime... Did you know that black